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Shell Types

Seamless Metal Shells

Our seamless metal shells are made from spun and shaped sheets of metal without any welds or rivets.

The sound they produce is loud, crisp, and articulate

Brass and Copper_edited.png
Alum Kit 2.JPG

Hybrid Metal Shells

Our hybrid metal shells are rolled and welded sheets of metal with Maple reinforcement rings that create a bright attack with a warm low end

Origami Angel - Aluminum Hybrid Kit_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Ply Shells

Our ply shells are made from high quality veneer sheets.

Ply shells produce a focused sound with more attack and less resonance.

Mahogany Ply Shells
Pearl White Ply Kit

Stave Shells

Our stave shells are made from solid wood cut into vertical strips and glued into a circle, the wood circle is then milled to the perfect roundness of a drum shell.

Stave shells are thicker and use less glue compared to ply shells. Therefore, they produce a more resonant tone that is characterized between wood species.

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